About The Delta Queen

The Legendary Delta Queen has a storied history. You can review a few events from her timeline below.

December 12, 1925 – Delta Queen was launched in Stockton, California

June 2, 1927 – Maiden voyage from San Francisco to Sacramento

June 26, 1938 – Delta Queen and Port of Stockton raced 17 miles from Sacramento down river to Clarksburg. Delta Queen carried 900 passengers who paid 50 cents each. Port of Sacramento won by a whisker.

Autumn 1940 to August 1946 – Served U.S. Navy as floating barracks, training facility and troop ferry.

December 17, 1946 – Delta Queen sale confirmed for $46,250 to Cincinnati, Ohio’s Greene Line Steamers.

April 19 – May 18, 1947 – Delta Queen crated and towed more than 5,000 miles from California through the Panama Canal to New Orleans.

Summer 1947 – Summer 1948 – Delta Queen proceeds under her own power to Pittsburgh and undergoes $750,000 in renovations.

June 30, 1948 – Debut Ohio River cruise from Cincinnati to Cairo, Illinois

1958 – Greene Line advertised Delta Queen for sale. California businessman Richard Simonton bought a majority of the stock and she continued service.

February 23, 1960 – Newly added calliope premiered in Memphis

April 1963 – Delta Queen and Belle of Louisville race and it is a publicity success.

1966 – Congress passed law banning wooden superstructures with more than 50 guests but Delta Queen granted two-year exemption, which was later extended to 1970.

June 1970 – Delta Queen added to the National Register of Historic Places.

October 21 – November 1, 1970 – Farewell cruise from St. Paul to NOLA as exemption expired

December 1970 – Exemption added as amendment to another bill and signed into law

September 1971 – Delta Queen contracted to carry U.S. mail and has its own postmark

August 17 – 24, 1979 – President Jimmy Carter and family ride a St. Paul to St. Louis cruise.

1989 – Designated National Historic Landmark

January 2004 – Inducted into National Maritime Hall of Fame